the room in APA Hotel in Higashi Shinjuku

Hotel Review: The APA Hotel (Higashi Shinjuku)

Address: Shinjuku-ku Kabukicho 2-19-14
No. of nights: May 13 – May 16 (3 nights)
No. of rooms: 3 rooms
Rate per night per room: 10,333.33 JPY or 4,535.97 PHP

Wifi: yes
Breakfast NOT included
Parking space not available.

It’s not news to anyone that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. So it came as a surprise to me that we were able to find a hotel for only 4,535 pesos a night.

The first time I visited Japan, we stayed in the Hilton Hotel, which offered big spacious rooms befitting for the five star hotel. The rooms at APA are undoubtedly the complete opposite of spacious, but notably far from being uncomfortable.

the room in APA Hotel in Higashi Shinjuku

To tell you honestly, I had a few complaints regarding the size of the room the first time I saw it.

  • The bed was pinned to the walls so whenever the person closest to it had to get out of bed, she had to either wake the person next to her or step over her (or roll over her, for people who have no regard for others lol).
  • I kept pointing out that there was no space to put our bags in, so I put mine right in the middle of the room door and the bathroom door. Everytime we came inside the room or went out the bathroom, we had to step over my medium sized luggage.
  • I kept bumping my smallest toes on the chair, the toilet bowl, or anything that was in the way really – which meant everything. Eventually though, I got used to the size.

A review of the APA Hotel in Higashi Shinjuku

The APA Hotel rooms do grow on you until you learn to love it. There are also a few things that I enjoyed about the hotel and my stay.

  • It was so close to the Higashi Shinjuku station, that walking to the hotel wasn’t a problem. There are also two other APA hotels in the area, one of which was so close to our hotel that the staff there led us to the right one.
  • Even though already mentioned that the bed would be a semi-double (one for each room), it was still so roomy for both me and my sister. My brother was the only one who complained because he had to share the bed with our uncle, whom he isn’t so close with.
  • The room comes with all the necessities, like mugs with free coffee and tea packs, free bottle of water, a coffee pot, a mini fridge – all that jazz. Things you’d rarely find in a 4,500 PHP/night room in the Philippines.
  • The bathrooms come with a tub designed to be compact but efficient. The toilet bowl is a Toto Bowl too! That’s something that I still consider as fancy for a 4,500 PHP/night room.
  • The cleaning staff restocks the toiletries everyday. I didn’t even know there would be free toothbrushes, shaving kits, and combs.
  • Check in and check out were easy. We just had to drop our keys in a box upon check out. I know that’s what they do in a lot of other hotels around the world, but I just wanted to point that out.

One thing that our payment didn’t entitle us to having, though, is free breakfast. Although, that wasn’t really a problem since there’s a small cafeteria on the ground floor of the hotel.

In summary, I think that the price we paid for was reasonable for what came with the hotel. It also provided us a restful stay after each day of bustling around the city. So there was really nothing to complain about.

The size of the room may turn a few people off and the bathroom may get even claustrophobic, only because there’s so much fixtures inside (as opposed to the toilet in our last hotel). But when you get used to the size and eventually know how to avoid thumping your toes your way around the room, it will turn out to be just the right room for a 3 night stay in Tokyo.

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