Solo Adventures: Siargao for my birthday weekend.

The following is an excerpt from my personal travel journal


Day One. Time is 9:37. Check in is at 14:00. Do I wait?

I am seated by the reception table, hunched over my phone, with a cold glass of lemonade in one hand. I am beginning to wonder if this was a good idea – coming here for my birthday weekend. Alone.


I wanted to celebrate my birthday peacefully; away from those who are more eager to throw me a party than I am about having one. I’m sick of celebrating the fact that I am another year closer to a midlife crisis. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy being surrounded by the people I love, but a birthday’s just another normal day for me.

There was just a strong desire to be by myself, really. Here, now, is that opportunity. But whom am I kidding? That particular need’s always been strong. I’ve had plenty of alone time even while I was in the city. It’s become a hobby. And yet, seeing all these strangers talking in groups and some couples seated together, I’m starting to doubt my decision. All of the sudden, I’ve shied away from the idea of a great travel opportunity, and now I’ve taken refuge in my phone.


I did meet a couple of Dutch men on the plane coming here, though. I believe we’ve made plans to meet up. Still, they’re not staying in my resort, so at this moment I’m still by my lonesome.

I could go somewhere. I did already rent a scooter, for the day, for 250 pesos. The only problem is the thought of me driving it around. I am intimidated by it. As it turns out, the scooter isn’t as light as I thought it would be. But I’ll have to “just do it” eventually. Otherwise, what a waste of 250 would that be.

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Willia Kristine

I am a 23 year old small city girl, trying to see the big world. I have been to three continents, namely Europe, North America, and Asia. In those three continent i have been to 21 countries and 45 cities! I love sharing all my adventures through writing, photos, and videos. I appreciate you coming over to read my blog. Get to know me more by following :)

18 thoughts on “Solo Adventures: Siargao for my birthday weekend.”

  1. Traveling solo is honestly one of my travel goals. Still working up the courage to do it!

    On the other hand, traveling by scooter is one of my favorite things to do! Whenever I’m in Siquijor, that’s how I get around the island!

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    1. i hope you’ll be able to do it soon! πŸ™‚ LOL. Good on you for knowing how to drive a scooter. so bad ass! lol. Thankfully, mine was an automatic. IDK why i didn’t just pay 20 pamasahe on a hired motorbike! hahaha

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      1. My dad’s family is from Siquijor and that’s where I learned how! When we would stay there for the summer, none of the adults wanted to go around to the beaches cos they just wanted to nap and stay lang sa beach in front of our house. Eh syempre kaming mga bata we wanted to explore, so the house boy taught us how to drive the motorcycles sa bahay so we could go out on our own πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sobrang nagalit yung mga parents namin pero when they realized that it meant na di na namin sila kukulitin to go around they were okay with it na rin hahaha.

        Do you have suggestions where to go? What’s the best place you’ve traveled to solo? Thinking of doing it next year for my twenty-fifth birthday!

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      2. Hahahan how old were you then?! Sounds like it was fun. Bahala na yung parents πŸ˜‚LOL JK.

        I’ve only been to Taiwan and Siargao alone, so far. I think Siargao is best! So comfortable. And there are more chances of you making friends there since almost all tourist there are backpackers!

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      3. 14 ata? Hahaha. Bahala na sila di sila adventurous lol.

        Huhuhu parang lately everyone on my timeline, both social media and blogging, is going to or has been to Siargao. Jelly!!

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      4. Hahaha. Nice! I wouldn’t have done that at 14!

        Riiight? Last year i knew no one who went to Siargao! But then came 2017, and now everyone and their momma’s are there hahaha


      5. I think maybe it’s cheap airfare promos? When I was in college I suuuuper saved up to go to Japan with my friends and parang nowadays everyone’s there because of seat sales hahaha πŸ˜… Guess I should have waited lol

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      6. Yeah. I believe so, then more flights na rin to siargao. Before there was only one flight. Lol! It’s okay. You got there before it got crowded with filipinos! Lol.


  2. Hi–i’m a solo female traveler also, but considerably older (about 3 times!). My advice is to just stop worrying about what others think of you, or what you look like to others. Seize the opportunities that come your way (including a scooter) and make the day your special day! Good luck and happy birthday!

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