Hey! My name is Willia- a 20-something year old, small city girl, trying to see the big world.

I have been to three continents, 21 countries, and 46 cities (!) but have only decided to document my travels very recently 😦

Why “Cebuana Adventures”? Cebuana is what you call a local from the Philippines who lives specifically on the island of Cebu. I am a true blue Cebuana, born and raised nowhere else in the world but in Cebu. And Adventures because, well, traveling is a great big adventure!

I love sharing these adventures through writing, photos, and videos. You will be able to read all my travel stories, trips, tricks and tips here. I appreciate you coming over to read my blog. Get to know me more by following Cebuana Adventures 🙂

instagram: williathetravelista   |   youtube: Willia The Travelista

email: williakristine@yahoo.com