Photo Diary: A Day in the Market

I've been a bit (a whole lot) lazy with my blog since I moved. I apologize! Here's an effort to get back on track - pictures of my visit to a floating market in Thailand! Hopefully this helps me. lol.


5 Elephant Sanctuaries to Visit in Thailand (instead of a Zoo!)

I know how exciting it is to tell your friends that you’ve ridden an elephant. However, elephant sanctuaries bring a more fulfilling experience because, not only can you see the elephants act in their natural environment, you can trek with them and bathe them yourselves!

Thailand Day 3: Things you need to know about Bangkok’s Dream World

Here are a few things that you should know about Dream World, one of Bangkok's well known amusement parks


Why Travel Strengthens a Couple’s Relationship

In recent years, budget airlines have made it easier for millennials to travel out of our own pockets. Along with this comes the option of inviting our significant others along for the ride. It’s fantastic that we’re able to do this because travel helps the relationship grow in many ways.


I Watched The Siam Niramit Show in Bangkok and It Was Intense.

Nothing can compare to Thailand's greatest production. Not even Cirque du Soleil can compete with Siam Niramit's crazy.


A Filipino’s Guide to a US Visa Online Application/ Appointment

Here are quick easy steps to guide you through your US Visa application and appointment.