4 Filipinas, 5 days in Jordan (Itinerary & Budget)

Hello, beautiful people! I know, I know. I’ve been in and out of the game for months now – almost a year. I am also aware that I keep promising to write more when “I’m no longer lazy,” but what can you do? I’m always physically tired, and all I want is to binge watch Criminal Minds in my room all day. I’ve got some good news though, I’ve been committing to posting videos of my trips on youtube. The reason why I put in more effort to that over my writing, is I guess because it doesn’t require much of my mental energy. I struggle with writing, but when I’m editing, I’m in my flow. I hope you find the time to visit my channel. Really appreciate it. That being said, I do, however, have a trip to share to you guys!

My friends and I all bid for the same days for our leave. We were lucky that all four of us were granted those dates so naturally, we planned for a trip. We chose Jordan for this year (yes, we’ve already agreed that it’ll be an annual thing), because a.) we only had 5 days, and it’s the closest country to where we are, and b.) we really wanted to see The Treasury, in Petra. So numbers were called, reservations were made and fast forward to March 05, 2019, we were on our way to Jordan.

We booked a travel agency to do everything for us. We really didn’t want to have to think about transpo, our hotels, and all that jazz because we didn’t want there to be conflict between us girls. Each of us had different hotels, prices, budgets, and itineraries in mind. So to avoid that, we hired someone else to decide for us.

Here are the details:
Agency: Jordan Horizon Tours
Travel Budget: PHP 38,236 / person
Pocket Money: PHP 5,000 / person

Yes, that’s a big amount but that price includes visa processing fees, payment to our tour guides, 4 different hotels, buffet breakfast in all hotels, buffet dinner in two of those hotels, a personal driver, and entrance fees to the sites. Keep in mind that it was only the four of us doing a private tour. Also, the pocket money was actually too much as we had so much extra cash by the end of the trip, seeing that we didn’t pay much for food. We did buy a few extra souvenirs and trinkets though.

Day 1:

  • We arrived in Queen Alia Int’l Airport, where a representative was waiting for us to bring us to immigration. Our travel agency processed our tourist visas in Jordan for us – literally, they applied on our behalf in Jordan while we were somewhere else, so we only showed a manifest to be able to board our flight to the country. Our visas were with our representative.

(Filipinos used to have Visa on Arrival, but rules have changed and Filipinos now require a visa prior to visiting Jordan)

  • After meeting our driver, we went straight ahead to the city of Madaba, to see St. George’s Cathedral (1 JOD = 75 PHP off our travel budget).


  • Then it was off to Mt. Nebo, the famous spot, mentioned in the Bible, where Moses was shown the Promised Land (2 JOD = 150 PHP off the travel budget).




  • For our last stop on this day, we went to the Baptismal Site OF JESUS, where we also got to see part of the Jordan River, and part of the Israel Border (12 JOD = 900 PHP off our travel budget).



The Site itself
Across the river is the border of Israel
  • Finally, we headed to our hotel in Wadi Musa, after a long and exhausting day.

Day 2:

  • We walked from our hotel called Edom Hotel, to Petra for 5 minutes at 7:30 in the morning. An early start. For the almost 7 hours that we were inside Petra, we saw all the burial sites, The Treasury,  and The Monastery, which took an additional 2 hour hike uphill -exhausting, but totally worth it. (50 JOD = 3,750 PHP from the travel budget)




looking like I’m not dying after a two hour hike uphill
my favourite thing to do – having coffee in front of a historical monument
  • After finishing the tour at 3 p.m., we met up with our driver to headed on to Wadi Rum, where we would see the sunset. This is also where we camped for the night in what looked like “glamping” tents, minus the glam. It was still extremely comfortable though, considering that we were in an actual desert. (5 JOD = 375 PHP just to enter the area. Accommodation already paid for by the agency)



Day 3:

  • From 7-10 am, the time was dedicated to driving around the entire desert.





  • After we finished exploring the desert, we spent the rest of the day traveling to The Dead Sea, where we arrived at past 3 p.m., and spent the night in Holiday Inn.



Day 4:

  • At 10 a.m., we made sure to leave the hotel in order to get to Amman before noon. There, we visited the Jerash (10 JOD = 750 PHP off our budget), which had the feel of Rome, complete with gigantic columns and an impressive amphitheatre.


  • We skipped lunch and went on to two other locations. The first was the Amman Citadel (3 JOD = 225 PHP), which had a perfect view of the city, and the second was a mosque (2 JOD = 150 PHP), which I unfortunately forgot the name of.
Such is the beauty of this city.


  • After all that and a sumptuous Arabic dinner…


… we went straight to Ayass Hotel to rest as we had to leave for home the next day, bright and early. That was indeed a delightful five days, and none of us regretted any part of it. The places we went to see were well worth it. Jordan truly is a uniquely beautiful destination, and it should be on everyone’s bucket lists.