A 2 Day Tokyo Itinerary For The Entire Family

This is the first time that my mom and my younger siblings visited Tokyo, so naturally, I brought them to the most touristy spots in the city.


Shibuya at 10 AM

Our first stop was Shibuya, where we went to see the Hachiko Statue and witnessed a less crowded Shibuya Crossing (this was a Sunday).

  • Hatchiko’s statue is right outside the Shibuya Station. Find the exit that says, “Hachiko Square.”
  • If your hotel doesn’t have free breakfast, get breakfast from Starbucks. There you’ll have a better view of the crossing.

There used to be a door at the back, of the building, where you could get into Starbucks without passing the barista’s counter, but when we tried, it was closed off. So you might not get away with going inside Starbucks without buying anything, because there will literally be a line the moment you go inside the main door. Won’t hurt to try.

  • The crossing, on a Sunday, will start to get crowded at noon so stick around for that if you like.
  • You can also see a view of the crossing from Shibuya Station, although you’ll be seeing it from a farther distance.

The Shibuya Crossing is always better at night, but we chose to get this over with early 🙂

Hachiko Statue Shibuya Tokyo

St. Ignacius Catholic Church in Chiyoda

  • Take the Ginza line from the Shibuya Station to the Akasaka-mitsuke Station, after which take the Marunouchi line to the Yotsuya Station.
  • Once outside the Yotsuya station, turn left.
  • The English mass is at 12:00 noon.
  • There’s a cafeteria, by the church, serving Filipino food!

Sensō-ji Temple

  • If you choose to skip the church, take the Ginza line from the Shibuya Station to the Asakusa Station
  • There’s immediate access from the Asakusa Station into the Temple’s surrounding vicinity. However, I advise that you follow the main road instead. This way you can see the first gate, although it can get crowded.
The Kaminarimon Senso-ji Temple
The First Gate – or more popularly nown as The Kaminarimon
Hōzōmon Entrance at Senso-ji Temple
The Second Gate or the Hōzōmon


  • The women in the Kimonos are mostly tourists themselves, renting from the near-by photo studio. Most of the time, they’re willing to pose for photos, so grab every opportunity.


Girls in Kimono in Senso-ji Temple


My family didn’t really feel the need to bump elbows with other tourists in order to actually see the temple. So they chose to just take pictures by the gates and move on. As for me, I already saw the temple itself, during my first visit to Japan, so I ran along with them. This gave us more time to take a look at the stalls surrounding the area.


Sensoji Temple Tokyo Japan


  • There’s a great view of the Tokyo Skytree in this area, so if you don’t feel like getting up close and personal, you can take good photos here.


Tokyo Sky Tree Sensoji TempleEntrance to Senso-ji Temple



Ginza Street

  • Go back to the Asakusa Station and use the Ginza line to go to, you guessed it, Ginza Station.
  • Take pictures! Yay!

They close off the entire street during weekends, because of the crowd. It’s quite entertaining -and envious- to see many of them carrying a bunch of paper bags from luxury brands. 

2 day itinerary japan2-day-itinerary-japan

Ginza Tokyo Japan
Check my mama out

Tokyo Tower

  • From the Ginza Station take the Hibiya line to Kamiyacho Station
  • Once outside the station, turn left then you’ll see a skywalk.
  • Go up the skywalk to get this view

I believe that there’s a nearer station, but I’m not entirely sure. In any case, we just wanted a picture from the outside, so this is the station we arrived at.

tokyo tower japan
Excuse the vanity, but I have no better (edited) picture of the tower as of this writing. I could edit, but it’ll take long because my laptop is SUPER SLOW.
Tokyo Tower Japan
The view from the skywalk


At 5 p.m. we decided to go back to the hotel, but if you want, you can put either Akihabara or Harajuku on the list. The former we did the night before. That’s the only place we were able to go to, because we travelled from Hamamatsu to Tokyo from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and waited till 3 for hotel check-in. The latter, we skipped entirely.


Akihabara at Night Tokyo Japan
Also, it was raining so we went home early 😦


Tokyo Disney Sea!

Hey, it’s for the family right? lol.

  • Make sure you get yourself on the Keiyo Line to the Maihama Station. Outside the Maihama Station, is Disney’s own train station that gives you access to both Disneyland and Disney Sea.
  • OR you could also ride on the Tokyo Disney Resort Bus from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal.
  • Best rides in Disney Sea:
    • Journey to the Center of the Earth
    • Tower of Terror
    • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
    • Raging Spirits
    • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

More pictures of Disney Sea here.

Thanks for finishing through this itinerary! Hope I helped 🙂 Feel free to comment, below, all the places that I missed out on!

4 things I love about Hamamatsu Flower Park

If I were to rank my favorite places to visit in another country, flower parks would probably be somewhere at the bottom of that list. You can imagine how a bit disappointed I was when, in Hamamatsu, our first order of business was to go to one.

Before buying our tickets for the Hamamatsu Flower Park, I didn’t feel any excitement or appreciation towards it. I mean, what else was there to see aside from flowers?! I’ve always been a see structure, see buildings kind of girl. Even while we were inside the gates, watching my mom pose for pictures, I told myself that the day was going to be excruciatingly slow. It was, but not for the reason that you’d think.

I was surprisingly the one who slowed down the group, because I ended up taking pictures in every corner of the place. There were so many parts of the flower park that I couldn’t get over with.

The rose garden

The roses took up a big portion of the area. It’s landscaping is circular and a bit like a maze. Different colors were spread in every part of the circle, so rich in vibrance. If it were possible to go blind from looking at those flowers, it probably would have happened to me (and my mom).

This room IMG_3782

It’s shameful of me to have forgotten the name of this room, but just look at this arrangement. I can see romantic photoshoots and movie scenes happening here. It’s like a picture taken out of a fairy tale book.

This could be a place where the princess spends most of her time, singing to the flowers and talking to the butterflies.

I can tell that this room was very well planned out, seeing that the colors match each other.

These backgrounds


I’m sure that you can’t tell by simply reading these words, but I am getting giddy just looking at these pictures. The striking colors, and the fact that they show such peaceful harmony, make me think of hopeful tomorrows, and achievable dreams. Flowers do create a sense of happiness!


The rose flavored ice cream


The flower park had a green house where their guests could sit and recover from the brilliant sun. Inside it, is a store that sells differen flavored ice creams. I ordered the rose flavored one since I’ve never heard of this before. I’ve had matcha and sesame seeds, but never rose flavored. The store sells sakura flavored ice creams too, but unfortunately, we came late for sakura season.

The ice cream tasted sweet, just like every other ice cream in the world, but it definitely had the aftertaste of a rose. It actually felt like I was smelling rose rather than tasting it.

There are still so many aspects of the flower park that I admired, like the many options of desserts and snacks inside their souvenir shop. But the ones I listed above are those where I took my time more. It’s safe to say that I fell in love with the place, despite my previous cynicism.

When Travel Meets Fashion: My Japan Travel Closet

WARNING: If you don’t enjoy looking at superficial, amateur OOTD shoots, please look away!


I don’t claim to know fashion. I don’t understand matching colors with seasons. I don’t accessorize. If anything, I just copy off store mannequins whenever I make a purchase. But it is enjoyable to run around picturesque settings and ask my little sister to take hundreds of photos of me while I, air quote, candidly pose.


When Travel Meets Fashion


I love dressing for comfort, which is why in all these photos you’ll see my ever so trusted Adidas Superstars. They don’t hurt my feet even after a full day’s walk, and they go with anything. 


Leatherette Jacket: Terranova
Top and Bottom: The SM Store Woman

I bought this jacket from the men’s section at Terranova. I loved how sporty I looked the first time I tried it on. Looking at it now, I should have thought of buying something that enhanced my figure more. But again, I always choose comfortable clothing over anything else.


Sun Glasses: Steve Madden | Trench: Uniqlo | Top: Uniqlo | Bottom: Promod



A true travelista relies on her map. lol. 

If you can’t tell by the number of pictures, I enjoyed “shooting” my outfit in Disney more. Just look at how the color of my trench coat matches that of the concrete’s and bricks’. LOL. I bought my top and coat from the Uniqlo in Shibuya, the day before. I fell in love with them the moment I laid eyes on them. You can tell that the fabric of the coat isn’t the usual material used on so many others, but I love it for that reason since I can still somewhat use it amidst the tropical heat in the Philippines.

Photo Dump: Food, Glorious Food

Day One


Day Two


Day Three


Day Four


Day Five


Day Six




Hotel Review: Hotel Meijiya

Address: Japan, 〒430-0807 Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu, Naka Ward, Sato, 1−1−30

Wifi: yes
Breakfast included: yes
Parking space: yes

Trying to stay cheap while traveling with five other people isn’t an easy feat. It’s difficult to find accommodation that can fit everyone’s budget. Even a two star hotel like Meijiya burned holes in my mom’s pocket for accommodating her and her three children (yes, me included). Although, she did share the expenses with two other people we were traveling with. Still, 104,400 JPY (46,056.78 PHP) for a total of three nights in a combined room, with free breakfast, a few futons, and a shared toilet and bath is a shocker. So for this review, affordability is definitely out of the question.

As for comfort, Hotel Meijiya is the place to go when staying in the quiet city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

The rooms are quite spacious – ideal for those traveling with a number of large luggage. Ideal for me and my family. lol. There are huge cupboards where one can place mountains upon mountains of clothes. Ideal for my mom who can never seem to pack light, even when she says she will.

The futons aren’t anything extraordinary but they do the job. For some people, they can be rough on the back. The pillows can also be uncomfortably hard but we made do. On the other hand, the comforters are DIVINE. I’d never touched anything so soft and smooth in my entire life! I could roll in those things and immediately fall asleep within minutes. Wake me up while I’m in them; we’re going to have a problem.

A review of Hotel Meijiya in Hamamatsu Shizouka

The shared bath and toilet are something else. 

There are only two toilets on our side of the building. One for males and one for females. They can be shared by everyone staying on our floor level. They are quite small but nothing that can make you claustrophobic. The good thing about the female’s restroom is the Toto bowl, complete with front and rear sprays. I felt clean dispite the place looking shady.

The shared bath is on the 9th floor. Of course, the baths for men and women are separate. The bathrobes and towels are provided for and are stored in one of the closets. I had to walk around the floor in a robe because I didn’t want to bring anything down after taking a bath. I’m not sure if that’s acceptable in Japanese culture since a guy eyed me down while going out of the elevator. I clearly didn’t do much research, but I advise against it. Then again, a woman walking around the hotel in just a robe isn’t an everyday attraction.

I’m a somewhat conservative person. Getting naked with the possibility that another person, even a woman, will see me is intimidating. I didn’t know how to feel about our situation but hey, it’s not everyday that I get to experience a Japanese hot bath. I went for it while constantly praying that no other person would feel the need to use the showers and the tub while I was in there.

Shared bathroom in Hotel Meijiya Hamamatsu Shizuoka

The showers have fast running water, both hot and cold. There’s enough supply of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and even facial wash. They are of good quality too, courtesy of DHC. Plus points for Hotel Meijiya making sure we were always smelling fresh!

It is proper manners to shower first and clean everything, everywhere before jumping in the hot bath. I googled this before using the showers. lol. The tub was a haven for me because I felt less vulnerable in there. Especially since the bathroom only has glass surrounding it. Yeah, that’s how uncomfortable I felt while showering.

A Review of Hotel Meijiya

The temperature of the water wasn’texactly relaxing all the way through. I had to dip my feet first and inched down little by little until the heat got bearable. There was a point that it was relaxing until it wasn’t again. So I dedicated only about 15 minutes, including the time I used to ease into the water, for the hot tub until I couldn’t handle the heat anymore. It’s either Hotel Meijiya has their temperature way up, or I can’t handle heat like the Japanese can.

Overall, I’m giving Hotel Meijiya a 5/5 for comfort and for all the other things like their food and service. Would I go back? Maybe not, because I’ve seen almost all that’s to see in Hamamatsu but also because I solely can’t afford 7,676.13 PHP a night. Would I want to experience a hotel that’s like Meijiya? Of course. Only if it’s cheaper. I enjoyed the hot bath, regardless of the uncomfortable heat, and the food that they served. Even the shared toilet is something I can get used to.