A 2 Day Tokyo Itinerary For The Entire Family

Only have 2 full days in Tokyo? Get some ideas, tips, and tricks from this family's itinerary!


Good wagyu and a new experience in Shinjuku, Tokyo? 

Needing a cheap wagyu place in Shinjuku? Here's a restaurant that offers wagyu for only 50 to 400 Japanese Yen. (But make sure you thoroughly check your bill before you pay!)

When Travel Meets Fashion: My Japan Travel Closet

It's so enjoyable to run around picturesque settings and take hundreds of photos to truly capture your outfit of the day.

Disney Sea, The Happiest Place on Earth: A Photo Diary

Here's a collection of photos we took during our day trip to Disney Sea!

Dude, where’s our bullet train?

As I looked up from the bottom of the stairs to the platforms, I died a little inside. How are we going to cover more than 20 steps in 5 minutes? Five minutes was all we had before our bullet train to Hamamatsu, Shizuoka left. I was with five other people, my mom, my brother, my sister, my uncle, and my mom’s friend, each of us carrying a luggage that weighed about 10 to 15 kilos each.