You are my Italy, Siargao. 

I fell in love with you in 2016, and now you’ve pulled me in even deeper. 

You are probably the only island I’ve ever been to, in the Philippines, that’s made me feel like I wasn’t in our own country. I love how you keep everyone here on their guards, because we might just stay longer if we’re not careful. I admire how you’ve influenced everyone living here to keep you clean and green, forcing restaurants to use metal or stems as straws. 

You fill me with adoration every time i stop to take in the moment. Even just looking at your street now, it makes me giddy with excitement. 

I love how, as I’m sitting here, both locals and expats passing on their motorbikes, will look me in the eye and nod their heads, as if they know me. And i find it cute hearing people shout the names of passers by because, here, everyone knows. Every. Body. Save for the tourists. 

It’s great here. It’s beautiful. Watch out Siargao, I might just move to this island.